Pdfglue is a modern up to date method of assembling custom pdf documents for individual projects.

Projects which change constantly can be difficult to keep literature, documentation and data sheets up to date. In today’s world customers, end users and support staff demand up to date information.

Pdfglue was born to address that need. It is based on uploading static pdf files to the server, attaching a meaningful label to each file and reusing the pages as needed regardless of how many changes a document may require.

Documents can be saved on the server (for a limited time), viewed online, saved to your local hard drive and/or emailed. The insures an accurate document with a minimum of effort.

Who can benefit from Pdfglue?

Sales People

Sales people can attach specific information pertaining to any prepared proposal. No more sending general information and confusing our customer. You can be specific!

Support People

Support people can now provide detailed information on any issue. No more sending a large document and leaving irrelevant infor-mation applied to a problem!


Now managers can supply only what information is necessary to address an issue. For example: Pick pages 2,7,8 & 15 out of a 30 page document ot send via email or print to local printer and make a specific point.

Anyone can benefit from pdfglue!

Save time, save money, be more accurate.

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